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You lead. I'll follow.

Guide me into the Truth. Let me see and feel beyond my past trauma, old stories and patterns..Guide me into the Truth and illuminate my fantasies and dreams. Let me be in alignment to my deepest and real desire, The Truth. I don't want to glorifie you and make you into this inhuman idol. I don't want to be hard and making demands on how you should be and show up in my life. I want real. Human. So yes I'm kind of scared to make you into this fairytale creature or spiritual nonsense.

So Dear God, or dear me, my subconscious mind, The Sorceress in me. What ever it is. Guide me deeper into The Truth. I trust you to penetrate my confusion and fuck me deeper and beyond my limited understanding. Illuminate me with your clear, clean light. Let me see with soft and open eyes. Let my whole being be sensitive and aware when I walk in the dark. This forever dance between following and submitting to you and to surrender to life and my feminine flow.

So yet again I choose to open, pour out my yearning for your judgement and penetration. I desire to follow. You lead. I'll follow. I choose to open up even more to The Truth. I'm open, soft and warm. You are welcome to fill me up. To sink into my depths of softness. This beautiful dance to move on my own and merge with you. Back and forth. Presence. Absence. Attached. Apart. Alone. Together. Holding myself. Being held. To receive and to feel how it's all about receiving. To be whole and to know you can take me places I can't take myself. Lead me deeper into the Truth. You lead. I'll follow.

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Katrine, this is a lovely piece. You dance I follow has such a meaning to me. There is nothing more wonderful when dancing with a woman that follows the man like a glove. When that happens you can dance all the night and hold one another sooo tight. May I say… a perfect foreplay to an endless night! 🌹🙋‍♂️

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