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About Katrine

Born and raised as an conservative Christian, youngest of 8 siblings. Lost my mother at 16. Left the church, my community and family at 18. Mother of two. My oldest is a chronically ill kidney transplant and my youngest is transgender. Bachelor degree in Waldorf Pedagogy and storytelling is a huge part of that. Working in the local grocery store. 

About Dark Feminine Desires 

My dark journey started a bright summer night when I saw Soulfly live in 2019, my rage and anger got seen and heard. In 2020 I started my Instagram account and let myself be seen in my wild, dark and twisted stories, fantasies and visions. My own mythology was born. Twist of fate and covid made that journey into a deep feminine path in serving the healthy masculine and it demanded me to full submission, devotion and worship. I serve the masculine, life and myself from my knees. 

More than anything, I am a very real human with at complex life to navigate 

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