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Worshiped by the Masculine

Dear Men! Especially to those of you in a long term relationship and maybe a sexless or almost. I feel that true worship and conscious touch are the golden keys to finding new intimacy and joy towards your partner. As a man are you able to touch her for hours without any further goal than make her feel relaxed, safe and cared for? Do you know how rare it is for a woman to be able to just be and relax into light touch? To not be pushed or ready for sex. Just pure, human connection. Are you able to worship her and let her open up in her own time? Can you touch her and let your own arousal just moving through you and just breathe with it all? I encouraged you all to learn about tantric massage and mastering your sexual energy and to worship the feminine being in front of you. Let it transform you both.


As promised. My beautiful night with touch

Full presence. Grounded energy. Conscious touch. Pussy worship. Womb worship. The masculine worshipping the feminine. At service. Devoted to let me feel safe, held and cared for.

My first experience with tantric massage was an relaxing and blissful experience. I didn't get horny or felt any urge for anything else than to relax deeply into the feather light touch. To feel my whole body alive and yet so deeply relaxed. It's a true gift to receive such conscious touch without being allowed to give anything back. My gift to him is to lean back and breathe.

I felt totally worshipped and safe. I could talk about the energy and tantric philosophy but more than ever I find it useful to talk about a relaxed nervous system and hormones. It's the very human experience of being touched. Skin on skin. Vulnerable but so safe and pampered. Human connection. To be. To breathe. To feel so beyond safe and held.

Yes you can have a totally different experience than me. But the feeling of being safe is crucial. And to be clear this massage didn't include yoni ( pussy) massage. For me such massage is best fitted by a lover or a partner. But tantric massage is a whole body experience. To feel every inch of your body. No rush. No expectation or goal. Just feeling everything deeply and free.

Be conscious on what kind of massage therapist you are choosing. Be clear on boundaries and listen to others that have experienced this person before. Sadly abuse and crossing boundaries are happening in such settings. For me this was a incredibly healing experience and I know I'm relaxed on a deeper level after this.

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Katrine - Thanks for sharing! Great advice and the images so beautiful! 🌹❤️🙋‍♂️

Katrine Kleppe
Katrine Kleppe
Oct 01, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for reading and witnessing me. Yes I love these pictures of myself. So relaxed and taken care of 🥰🙏

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