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To feel... The wetness on my fingers

Sometimes it's just the feeling of the wetness on my fingers. I love the feeling of being filled up by a dilldo or a cock. But sometimes it's super delicious to feel my own wetness, how my fingers explore my soft, wet pussy. The soaking wet sound, the feeling of soaking wet, my inner muscles working. It's reasons I have only used my hands and fingers for self pleasure for years. To be in touch. To feel. The orgasms are deep and satisfying.

So yes, I love my own wetness. I love my softness. I love my openness. How sensitive I am. The dripping reality of my life. This glorious erotic life. Well fucked. No matter what. In touch. For real. With my body. With my pleasure. My my pussy. With my power. Thank you. I love you

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1 Comment

Katrine, what a lovely little story about self love with your pussy. Your choice of the word pussy is so appropriate on this piece any other word would not read the same. So happy “she” is a friend that provides you with lots of pleasure and never criticize you or make you feeling ashamed for doing so. Dildos have their place but the luxury of using your own fingers is the ultimate luxury of enjoying orgasms!

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