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The big erotic nature of the feminine

You are the most horny woman I ever met. I feel anxious. I have been shamed for being too much for a long time. To constantly made responsible for his exhaustion. Mmm, yes, it's who I am, I say a bit shy. Exactly. He smiles at me. It's who you are and I'll never tell you to be anything else or watering down your erotic because of me.

I'm the ocean. He is the surfer. It's natural for the surfer to get tired and exhausted. He uses his whole body, mind and presence to surfe the waves. I'm the ocean. I'm still wet and in motion even when he is tired. It's nothing wrong. No one to blame. It's nature. Is information and knowledge. No need to shame or blame. Learn each others nature. Enjoy it. Own it. Express it. Embrace it.

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Var kjekt å se dette klippet på tampen av en lang og slitsom dag. Og høydepunktet var nok det herlige, lure smilet på slutten der.

Katrine Kleppe
Katrine Kleppe
Mar 30, 2023
Replying to

🥰🙏Takk for at du delte. Det gjorde meg glad 🥰

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