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Thank you for taking care of my tender heart

Take care of my tender heart today. I whisper the words to myself when I walked to work. Feeling so raw and vulnerable. First day of my moon bleed. Super soft and tender in my whole being. Take care of my tender heart. Please and thank you.

The foreign construction workers smiling at me, being polite and with a spark in their eyes. They don't speak English or Norwegian but it's no doubt they are all flirting with me.

How are you? He looks tired but takes his time to ask me how I am. My date from this summer.

I have been thinking about you. I look up and watch my lover from a few weeks back. His eyes is friendly and he smiles at me. We laugh and I feel how I'm blushing. I want to invite you to dinner. We already had breakfast. Oh I didn't meant to be out of line. He looks a bit concerned. I'm laughing even more. Come on, I don't find it offensive. We know each other after all. He relaxes and there is a comfortable silence between us. I can't stop smiling for a long time afterwards.

You are so incredibly beautiful! My Asian coworker is always generous with his compliment and I always say thank you with a laugh. He is a gigantic flirt and he loves every woman. Suddenly we are in a deep conversation. I see how all of his usual behaviours are melting away. He is so honest and I feel how we are connecting for real.

Take care of my tender heart.

Thank you for caring for my tender heart. Thank you for letting me swim in my feminine essence throughout the whole day. I was so open, soft and felt almost fragile in all my tenderness. And you were there.. In all your masculine glory. The Healthy Masculine loves to take care of me and my heart. I feel so safe and loved. Thank you. I love you.

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What a lovely little piece! At times, a smile or wink is all it takes to feel that you mean something to someone but also the way around. We shall all remember this, it’s free!

Katrine Kleppe
Katrine Kleppe
Oct 06, 2022
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