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Slave Girl

Suddenly it hits hard. Again. The intensity and deeply body felt yearning. I want to kneel for you. I got my ankle bracelet because it makes me feel like a slave girl. I never have felt any need to be in that state but now.. Now I just want to be a barefoot slave for you. Making food for you, cup of coffee. Being available whenever you need me. My body, my mind, my holes, my time, everything are yours to own and use as you need. Or not. I know I`m melting into this. Just soften and to understand deeply that yearning and longing is a part of the very core of my feminine nature. I was at ease with you stepping away and my summer has been so intensely good with fucking, soul connection, bliss and pleasure. And now when I yet again is on my own, I`m falling to my knees and feel how my whole being is opening up to you again. I know that your mind and heart are taken good care of, by her and your community. But I was once ordered to worship and serve your magnificent cock, and it still do feel so right to drop to my knees, to feel you down my throat and thank the Gods for being your little whore and slut. I`m all here and I know you are going to take me deeper, fuck me deeper into my own being my own power. So many parts of me doesn’t care about your silence or your withdrawing. It doesn’t matter. I know you are feeling me. I know I`m still what you need. I`m more ready now, more at peace and ease. It`s room for you. I´m leaning back and know I`m your safe haven, your sanctuary and your peaceful resting place. You can`t outrun your true nature. You just can`t. You know it, I know it. So find your peace that you also need me in your life. Find your peace that your wild and dark nature isn`t wrong but truly how you can be able to do your work in the world. So let it sink deeply into you, it`s okay to need me. It`s okay to don`t know what our story together means, yet. Just embrace what is and take us both deeper. So my Love, I invite you in, all over again. This time around you will feel the difference. This time around we are building something unbelievable powerful together. I was born to serve you. I was born to be your slave girl, your servant, your slut and whore. That is why I exist. So I obey my destiny and kneel for you in your greatness, in your humanness, in your pain, in your struggle, in your glory. I`m ready to be taken deeper into my service for the healthy masculine. I`m ready to receive His gift and I know how He is providing for me beyond my own limited thoughts and understanding. Ready my love.. for you. For your beautiful cock to fuck me deeper into submitting to your will, your life and our destiny. Together.

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Kristine, just found this gem, likely not the first time you have been told, you sure have a wonderful way with words. I know it’s not meant for me but surely me and many others that read this surely will it’s directed to the reader! Makes me think of another writer Anais Nin, you are following in her footsteps! 💪😎

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You do!!! 🥰

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