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Relaxed, naked and soft

Two nights and a full day at a beautiful spa by myself. I thought it would be awkward to be by myself but the actual experience isn't that. I observe people together, friends and couples and feel grateful for not having any obligations or expectations. To just be. In silence. No words, small talks or plans on what to do throughout the days.

Now I'm naked in bed after starting my day outside in the jacuzzi, eating breakfast, exploring the saunas, swimming pools and showers. It's so calming for my nervous system. To be naked and surrounded by water, mist, hot air and to pamper myself in my own pace. To exhale deeply. To feel my mind and brain detox from my phone and everyday life. Yesterday I had a deep tissue massage. It was painful as fuck but the masochist in me enjoyed the benefits of my muscles slowly relaxing. And I got salt scrubbing, so my skin felt soft and beautiful.

It's a strange time in my life. I feel the empty spaces. Free time. It's been so healthy for me to step away from social media. And sorry not sorry for not updating my blog lately but I just love the newfound privacy of my own mind and body. But here you are, in for a treat. Some pictures of me in bed. Super soft, super sweet, grateful little kitten. Life is beautiful

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