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Make love to my full expression

Thank you for the new experience K. Tantra massage is different with different approaches and different people. I was offered a tantra massage by a man I have met a few times. We have had good and honest conversations and it felt safe to say thank you to receiving a massage from him. And slightly off topic but something I truly need to address for myself and people reading. As a man, when you become friends with me on social media,  don't start asking about tantra massage or meeting in the sauna. Understand how unsafe we as women actually are in the world already. To be alone with a strange man naked and waking up or showing my sexual energy isn't easy. It takes tons of time to feel safe. Don't use tantra as a new way to hook up. Please! The community ( at least here) have already big issues with people breaking consent and the whole community easily gets a bad rep. Be mindful. I'm actually in such conversation right now with another man. I was super clear when he added me on Facebook and popped up in messenger asking about tantra and if I wanted to explore. So I'm curious to have my first real life conversion with him tomorrow and see how my body is responding to his intension and presence. Anyway,  what I actually wanted to share was my good experience with a tantra massage and how different it was. My usual therapist is way more "fatherly" and it feels safe and deeply relaxing to my nervous system. With this new man it was slightly more kink involved. Spanking, tied up ( very lightly) actively waking me up by exploring my pleasure areas. And at this moment it's actually my throat. He followed my movements and sounds and it felt like my full expression was made love to. The ecstasy to be heard. So sexual energy isn't just about my pussy and breast. They love attention but I still feel it isn't appropriate for me to open myself to a man in such setting. Not fully. That's only for Him. So it's fascinating to feel into the different layers of arousal and turn ons. It feels good to have men that want to give. I'm consciously practicing my ability to receive more. With sensitive honesty. To enthusiastic saying yes to what feels good and being clear on my no's. 

And last but not least! It feels so good and I'm so grateful for you following me here and today I re- received money from my first subscribers. Thank you for being here after a year. Thank you for supporting me online and offline. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for making it possible to have this blog and website. I love you!

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