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Kneel down baby girl

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

To kneel is how I regulate my nervous system best. I can feel how I get stressed, feeling lost, lonely and nothing seems to make sense. Then I look closely at my habits. I'm back working out, sleep is a priority, the dance between connection and time alone. And still I feel this unsettledness. Oh you haven't knelt in a while, baby girl. Oh... Oh! So I do my ritual dance ( three sacred songs from Wardruna) and I feel how I'm back to myself again. And I have found it even more beautiful than ever to be able to kneel under a blue sky and letting the Sun caressing me and penetrate me. It's such an incrediblefeeling to feel the wind on my skin and listen to the fjord. On my knees. In peace. Connected to myself, to the healthy masculine, to the ground beneath me, to the sky, nature and the Sun. I feel so blessed! My cup is filled up again. So yes, I'm going to continue this healing journey. To continue to kneel and bow down. Humble,  devoted I submit to this path on my knees. Thank you. I love you.

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