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It's hilarious really

It's almost funny how life works. Last night I felt the letting go. In my body. In my soul. In my mind. This heartfelt sigh.. It's time to make space. To let him be. In peace. I want to make room for what's supporting my heart, my wellbeing and life. I want more income, finding ways to earn money in a way that supports my feminine nature. I want connections, relationships and dynamics that supports me on every level. So I have to make space. Emptying out. Let go. Exhale. Expand.

And what do I wake up to? Glitch or not. I haven't acess to my Instagram at the moment and it's funny how men and Instagram are so deeply connected in my reality. It's almost every time I feel into letting go of a man, Instagram shuts down. Why? It's happened so many times no that it's hard to see it as random.

I also got a beautiful email from Hans Petter, Sacred Bodies. I'm going to have a shared online workshop with him Nov 16 and his faith in me I'd moving. I'm just an amateur. I don't have clients or a business. This journey isn't something "I do" and teach to others. I just live what life wants to be lived through me. It's scary to step into new spaces, to be visible to other communities and I'm so deeply grateful for the masculine support. He literally leads me into places I never dared to go on my own.

Sweet life. I'm open. I'm soft. This is me with bling and feeling like a slave queen. One day I want this to be actual jewelleries. Because it just feels good. The practical mother, the coworker, the strong, capable woman in me just looks at me and shake their heads. Stupid woman. Why do you want or need to be naked with bling on you? Why?? No other reason than it feels good. It's good to feel and see my own beauty just because it's there. I surrender to life. I submit to my path. To the great unknown. To return to pleasure. To deep satisfying orgasms, to beautiful pictures and to allow myself to just be. Deep exhale. The great unknown. To healing. To growth. Sweet Life

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