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I'm walking away

I forgive you. I feel the softness in my words. Peace and love. Deep compassion to you. All you did. All you allowed yourself to go through. The over thinkg. The anxiety. The feeling of over sharing, over giving, bending. I forgive you. Everything you did to be loved, to feel appreciated, to belong. The desperate neediness. I hold you close. Tight. I got you. Time to surrender. To let go. I love you. I forgive you. All the tenderness and gentleness. It's all yours. May you rest deeply. May you forgive deeply. Everything you did. Thank you.

It's no need to forgive him. Not right now anyway. It's time to forgive myself. Deeply and for real. He doesn't matter in this. I give up the urge to play nice. To do the right thing. To be the bigger person. My only concern is to truly forgive myself in everything I allowed myself to become in loving him. What a great undoing. To let a person totally destroy me. To give myself so easily and for free. I forgive myself. I comit to step into something different. Never again.

To walk in grace and to stay humble and soft. To let my gentleness be my superpower. I have no need to do this life on my own. I have no need to hate or mistrust men. But I know my worth. Don't waste my time. Please and thank you. Don't ever open up and invite me inn if you haven't truly find space and time to have me in your life. Don't believe for a minute that I'm easy or stable. I'm a feminine woman. My hormones are ever changing. My emotions are fluid. I have no need to be strong and independent. If you invite me in stay true to your words and to yourself. I'm done playing games. I'm done begging for more. If you invite me, prepare to stay committed. To stay healthy. To share and live a honest life. No more I'm say yes to crumbs or half ass effort. I know my worth and I forgive myself for everything I allowed. Feminine self worth isn't anything to discuss. It isn't up for compromise. I'm walking away from anything, anyone, every situation that no longer serves me.

With gentle compassion towards myself I open myself only to people, places and situations that wants me well. Amen.

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