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I love His correction and rightful judgment

I'm still followed by The Moon when I work with tarot. She turned up in my birth month July and under this FullMoon she is back. The Moon reflects The Sun. I feel how I get weak in my knees. I want to be the reflection of Him! When I feel into the masculine principle these days Judgment is the card that wants to guide me. Oh how I love His rightful judgment. It burns. The Ego burns and it's almost overwhelming but deep down it's so deliciously hot and something I truly desire. His correction. His Judgment. To admit that I'm out of line. To kneel down and say thank you for shining your bright light on my murky shadows and unhealthy patterns.

I feel so intense and deep pleasure in my body. He takes away every man that can't keeps his word. Enough! Enough of falling in love with potential and sweet talks. And it isn't about those men being or doing me wrong. This is a massive wake up call and deep masculine provision to show me my old, outdated and unhealthy patterns. Back home baby girl. You are the gift. Your light shines bright as a reflections of His glorious light, mission and being. He is a man of his word. You can relax. No hurry. Kneel down and stay open. Trust me to take you deeper. Always deeper into the Truth. Quiet your mind baby girl. Feel. Feel your body. Your delicious, soft, sensual body. Be busy with pleasuring yourself. Let everythjng you do dripp of pure delight. Of love. Lust. Slow and deep breaths. Move slowly baby girl. I got you. I'll always fuck you deeper. You can trust my judgement. You can trust my word, my structure and strength. Deep exhale baby girl. I got you.

Thank you. I love how you always correct me and judge me so I can drop even deeper unto my feminine essence. Thank you for caring, providing and for your devotion. Deep bow to The Healthy Masculine.

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