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Feeling myself

I find it fascinating to feel into my own writing. Now I can clearly feel when to post it on Instagram and when to post it just for you on the blog. My body is healing and I'm even more horny and juice than ever. My orgasms are so deeply felt and I'm almost blacking out. Lol. For real. No vibrator or toy or a penis needed. Just myself, my hands and deep breathing. It feels good to be me. In my body. In my skin. On the inside. I love my work out routine. I love the way I spoil myself with healthy delicious food. I love how my body is healing in a gentle and good way. So yes, this is the post just for you. And I posted another one on IG. It feels good to write again. I allow myself to let it happens organically. I use to write every day for years and years. But now I let it be as it is. The words that wants out, gets out.

So much has changed on the inside. I can hardly recognise myself from a year ago.

Some pictures from my body healing ✨️

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It all sounds wonderful, congratulations!!! ❤️❤️❤️👍🙋‍♂️

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