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Deleted from Instagram again?

I don't have access to my Instagram account at the moment. I got one old post deleted but still I'm not able to use my account. And I'm so deeply grateful for not being dependent on that stupid app. I lost my old account at 1800 followers and I still haven't got back to such number. So is it humbling to start all over again with 30 followers? Yes. And I love it. I believe it's the right path for me. To find my people and tribe and slowly build from there. To let life unfolds as it should without the constant stress for getting deleted and punished for not following the rules.

I feel how different I feel and approach this now. Last time I was devastated and felt I lost so much of myself. Never again. I have my content safe. My pictures, my words, my space. So if that account is gone I guess it's time to use Instagram just as a promotion site and not giving them anything.

Thank you everyone of you for your support and feedback. I love you!

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