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A submissives prayer

I bleeding out on the floor. I'm bend over. On my knees. My head is heavy. My mind is busy. I feel tired. I feel the need to be welcomed without words or questions. So I'm lying on the floor. I feel his presence. God. The Healthy Masculine. Strong, calm, steady and awaken presence. I'm a mess. I allow all my feelings to be expressed through my tears, through my body, through my blood and nervous system. In this moment I lay my burden and all of my pain at his feet. Here it is. Me in my glorious too muchness. All of me. All those hidden parts I can't show anyone. Those parts I hide even for myself.

Guide me. Lead me through my own illusions and disillusion. Lead me deeper into the Truth. Let me deeply understand and feel the rightness when he appears, even when it isn't easy and "good". Hold the space for my softness and tenderness. Let my nervous system feel your strong support. Lead me when I'm headstrong and so sure of myself doing the right thing. Be clear with me. Teach me. Out of my head. Into the body. Lead and I'll follow. Trusting life all over again. Deep bow

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