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Do you talk about it?

Life with teenagers and their sexual awakening. It's very few places and spaces were it's appropriate to share that journey..I choose to share it here because I know it's a mirror of my own path and a living proof of how important this is. Me embracing my wetness, my whole erotic nature without shame or guilt. It's important. It's how we transform the world and raising safe and secure teenagers with a proper sense of their erotic self.

My youngest is 14 and since he was 12 he felt like an He. He is born a she. My beautiful baby girl rejected what puberty revealed. A bleeding, female body. Soft. Beautiful and so complicated with all the hormones and ups and downs. And being a sibling to a serious and chronically ill bigger brother. On a deeper level I also have wondered why so many teenagers girls are "becoming trans". Why is it safer to be a boy in our world? Or is it the new puberty rebellion? Or is it the huge impact of social media? I can just wonder. Anyway I love my kid. No matter what (s)he want to call himself.

These days the feminine is emerging. Long, hot showers. Delicious food. Beautiful movies, art and music. The need for soft clothes and pretty dresses. And underwear. Lace. Silk. Pink, soft colours. The deep exhale. No unnecessary stress. Make up. Skin care routine. My kid knows how to embrace the whole spectrum of the erotic. He is not longer written in stone. It's fluid. More flexible. Feminine. Maybe I'm just me? She is emerging again. Slowly. So tender. When the stress is calmed down. She is reborn. It seems. My beautiful baby girl is becoming a beautiful young woman and even more important a wonderful conscious human being. Embracing both the feminine and the masculine. More whole. Calm. In harmony. Balanced. Secure. Proud.

And I feel so honoured. To hear the hilarious story about buying the first vibrator. To be in the shop for so long that the personnel believe she is stealing. Embarrassed, a bit flushred , shy and yet so proud of daring. I share that pride. Thanking my kid for taking the erotic and sexual health seriously. I also said that vibrators should be used cautiously. Fingers and hands are also good tools in exploring pleasure. I could say all that with ease. My kid confirmed. Research was done and she was grateful for the feedback. To start the conversation was hard but when she ( yes I choose to call my kid a she. It's still a journey but in this conversation I spoke to the feminine) felt safe it was all easy. I can even hear how she is cracking jokes about sex toys with me and others in the family. Nothing "inappropriate" just goofing around and obviously checking if it's safe to talk about anything remotely sexual. And yes. It's safe. It's all good. And she said: I love the art and the beauty in Christianity. I wish that beauty would be what's important in religion. My Jesus,  mama, he is an hippie, living in a flower painted van with people following him and he is giving away free sex toys so the whole world would be more relaxed and happy.

Do you see...?  Do you feel it? How the erotic is saving the world? To understand how stress is separating us from our true nature? How a regulated nervous system is how we transform ourselves and the world? How sex isn't "just" sex but so much more. To standing on the edge on a whole new reality when we dare to have this conversations with our kids and families. I feel honoured and I know it's me staying true to myself. It's the rippel effect. It's trusting the path of the feminine. To see the fruits. To harvest the good things in life. What a journey.

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