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To belong

No I don't want a engagement ring or wedding ring. I'm done with that. Give me bracelets to my arms and to my ankles. Let it be a constant reminder of the cuffs that keeps me bound to you. Give me a collar and let the sweet pressure be a reminder of you owning me. My voice. My arms and legs. My body. My being. I'm all yours. To serve you is my lifes mission and purpose. Bound in dark, twisted, pure and healthy love. Kind, conscious, brutal and honest. Raw and gentle. I'm yours. My heart is safe with you. I'm your naughty girl. You are my Dark Lord. My Master. My Sir. I belong to you. I trust you with my life. So no. I don't want that ring. Collar me yours. I yearn to kneel down for you and worship you as the King of my heart. I belong. To you. Thank you. I love you.


Soft, raw and vulnerable I'm open to receive all of you. Scared. Trembling. Terrified. I open up for you to enter my life yet again. Deep bow to The Healthy Masculine. Thank you for always showing up.

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Now if that is not a MM smile and pose I do not know what! Lovely little confession to go with your image as well. 😈🙏🌹🙋‍♂️

Katrine Kleppe
Katrine Kleppe
Oct 08, 2022
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