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New years blessings

She is no longer Kore. The innocent child of spring. She is no longer the victim of Hiim that forced her down into the darkness. She is no longer raped by sudden events and random strangers. She is no longer the girl in Demeters shadow.

No more does He need to force her. She is coming. Willingly. Yearing for His dark presence. She knows His name. Hades. Her screams and moans when He penetrate her. With His light in the darkest of dark. She feels Him. The eyes are not needed. They have gone dark. Pitch black. Only feelings, sensations, smell, sound.

In the bleak winter light her skin is covered in red juice. He is feeding her pomegranate seeds. She loves to play with it. Like blood. Rubin red. Life giving. Murder. New life. Death. Bleeding out. Birth blood. She plays. He love her wild, messy, blood staind self. Fully woman. Fully human. Fully embracing everything. His Persephone. His dark Lady. His Queen and mate. Forever bound in darkness. In life. In death. Queen of The Underworld. Goddess of Life and Death. His. To belong to Hades. Winter. Death. Spring and new life. Tonight I'm celebrating Persephone and Hades May they guide me and nourish me through the darkness and hold me safe until Spring. New years blessings from this ecstatic creature. Blessed be, lovers

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Fin tekst. Saftige bilder. I dag blir det granateple til dessert👌🏽

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