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Welcome to my Sanctuary

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Welcome to my sanctuary

Good enough, she said. It just has to be good enough to get it up and running. So here I am, a bit shaky and excited for this new space I’m going to share with you. First of all, I’m so deeply grateful for you that dare to follow me from Instagram and over in this more private and intimate space. Here I’m going to share my pictures and photos without the censorship and for a very tiny fee you are getting access to this blog with juicy stories, real ones, fantasies, dreams and even my darkest and most hidden desires. I haven’t been able to write as freely as I wanted because of the censorship on words. So, this is my creative and safe space and I have a lot to offer besides the blog and the pictures in it. Different galleries with different photographers, my book and yes I have open myself to a deep journey into BDSM. I want to explore and let life lead me down this road as I need. I was ready for exploring it with a specific man, but yet again, I need to stay radically honest towards myself. Right now I'm not sure how that journey is going to unfolds.

It's different content on this site and they are going to have there own subscription and it’s not going to be expensive but it takes time, effort and money to be able to do such work. I’m also offering paid tarot combined with chakra reading and I’m slightly terrified and humble to say that I’m open to supporting and mentoring men and women in this path of worship, submission and devotion towards the healthy masculine and feminine.

So yes, it’s so much coming up and I have to remember to breathe in it all. I can promise you to stay very real and human in it all. And to be clear, the blog is going to be well known for you all, it’ s like Instagram but more juicy and without any censorship at all. Welcome home, Lovers! It’s good to have you here. Thank you, I love you!!

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